Pageantry Scam

Hey there! Am glad I caught your attention, but this is not one of those “am in my house come and beat me” pranks, please read carefully so that you might see my errors and don’t be a lazy youth and skip this article.

BY Martin Saa Aondo

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It’s about that time we talk about issues that matter. If I may ask you as a youth what is your hustle? Just what I thought, you had to think for a while before you answer. We have lots of talent but yet there are more “jacks of all trades and masters of none” out there, amongst which we have the “scammers”. I bet when that word is mention the first thing that comes to mind is “419ners” and “yahoo boys” as commonly known to us but there is more to it.

Let me give a brief definition of the word “SCAM”, According to Wikipedia, a Confidence Artist, a confidence trick is an attempt to defraud a person or group after first gaining their confidence, used in the classical sense of trust. Confidence trick exploits characteristics of the human psyche, such as credulity, naïveté, compassion, vanity, irresponsibility, and greed.

The definition has covered all that this article is about; Scam the big order of the day. When called lazy youth, we are annoyed and yet prove a point someone is trying to make, we don’t want to work hard to earn the money we so much want, in the name of “soft-work”.

We keep falling for these tricks both old and new in the books. Speaking from my state Benue where we have bunch of girls longing to be part of something big or looking for a title to cling to and show off with on social media and bunch of boys turned bet addicts trying to be a millionaire with just a hundred naira, typical example of greed I must say.

The issue of awards and pageantry has been on the rise in Benue, our timelines and private messages filled with “vote for me”, yes! Modeling might be your hustle but have you asked yourself, if the competition is legit? Is the price worth it?

And lastly why are the models selling tickets instead of the organizers? Lots of unanswered questions, but here is a simple answer, you’re been scammed and you’re enriching the scammers.

Here’s how;

*Tickets Sales
A ticket is sold 500 Naira for regular, 1000 Naira for VIP, a table for four is 10,000 Naira. Sales are sold by models instead of the so called organizers. The winner walks home with a sum of 25,000 to 30,000 (Do the maths).

*This event is not televised.

*No modeling agencies involved

*Grand Price is  by mall compared to work done especially after selling tickets

So if I may ask where does the money go?
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