REVEALED: The Truth About Rev. Fr. Angus Fraser



I may have no power or authority, but I speak as someone who was fortunate to have been beside Angus Fraser during the period he was chased out of Makurdi and stabbed at the back by the people whom he had trained as little children.

Father always told me (and many MSG Old Boys can bear witness) that he wanted to be buried in Garkawa. If I am lying, let God strike me dumb.

People of Makurdi if you think the people of Garkawa are not worthy to have Father's body then I ask you:

What did you do when Rev. Fr. Fraser was unceremoniously removed as Principal of MSG?
A good retirement home could have been built on the MSG compound for him instead the Bishop wanted to ship him off to Aliade.

What did you do when Father was ousted from a Religious Society he founded? Oh, you decided it was a matter for the Church and not your concern.
Worshippers at God the Father of all Mankind, what did you do when you were told that Fraser was no longer in charge of your church: a church that he built? Let me tell you, you did nothing!

And now he is dead, you think you knew him because he was with you for 47 years. He left Makurdi in pains, yet never for once did he curse his oppressors. He prayed for them. He ran to people whom he thought could help him but they turned him away. I personally accompanied Father on his numerous trips to see such persons. The fact that Father still left Makurdi speaks greatly on how much we wanted him to stay.

I speak as a man consumed by grief. I owe no one any allegiance. I side with nobody.
Bury Father Fraser where he wanted to be buried. Bury him in the place he was happy. Bury him in Garkawa. Because the people of Garkawa made him happy. They deserve him the most. If we never valued the man when he was alive, the least we can do is to respect his wish now that he is no more. Quote me anywhere.

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