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Meet the man Rev.Fr. Angus Fraser


He was born in St. Vincent on April 18, 1931, the last of nine siblings. At the time, most of the population in St. Vincent were Anglicans and Catholicism was all but scorned in that country. His father was a Presbyterian and his mother an Anglican, as were most of his siblings, himself included.

While attending primary school in St. Vincent, he chanced upon Catholicism when one of his friends asked him to accompany him to an Anglican Church, where he was to assist the priest in the sacrifice of the mass. As his loyal friend, Angus agreed. “I am going to Anglican Mass tomorrow morning,” he announced with aplomb to his eldest sister, with whom he was living. She was enthused and they proceeded to search the house for a prayer book, which was rarely ever used.

The next day, he left home for the 30-minute walk to the magnificent Anglican Cathedral. On reaching the huge gate and walkway of the Cathedral, he hesitated as he thought that he could not enter through this opulent, regal entrance and proceeded to the next gate. On reaching the gate, he got increasingly nervous and continued walking until he came to the third and last gate. Still he could not bring himself to enter and walked on.

Further down the road, he saw a small colourless building with no gardens and parks in front of it. It was the Catholic Church. At the time, there were rumours that Catholics whipped non-Catholics if they entered their Church. He called out to a boy who was about to enter and asked if he could enter or will he be beaten. “Of course, go inside. It’s a Church, anybody can go in at anytime,” the boy replied briskly and strode in. So, he entered unsure of how to conduct himself and sat down very nervously, but was shocked to find that he enjoyed himself, especially the hymns.

When he returned home his sister, eager to find out his opinion of the worship session, asked him how was the Anglican Mass. He replied honestly that he did not go there as he was afraid and went to the Catholic Church instead. She rebuked him telling him, “don’t ever do that again”.

However, he was immovable and insisted on going to the Catholic Church from then on. When this was told to his parents, after careful consideration, they told him that they did not mind and he could continue going to the Catholic Church if he wished, but, they will never give him permission to become a Catholic. The parish priest, Fr. Charles, was very friendly with the family and this helped break down some of the prejudices the family had against Catholics.

He eventually became a Catholic and moved to Trinidad to attend Mt. St. Benedict’s College. It was in his final year at Mt. St. Benedict’s that he made his decision to become a priest. He went to St. Mary’s College to speak to the principal, Fr. James Brett.
There was an intercol match that day against QRC and Fr. Brett was about to leave to attend the match when Angus approached him. “Father, I would like to see you for a few minutes” he asked.

“Oh, most certainly, what can I do for you?” Fr. Brett replied. Without hesitation, he said, “I would like to be a Holy Ghost Father.” “Oh, that’s excellent!” Fr. Brett replied and, owing to his haste to attend the intercol match, he added, “I will hand you over right away to Fr. Cristobal Valdez and you will come to see him when he is back from the football match.” When they arrived at Fr. Valdez’s office, however, providence had it that he had not yet left for the football match. He told him that he would have to visit weekly for spiritual guidance.

Thus, for the rest of the academic year, he made the 15-mile weekly journey from St. Benedict to Port of Spain. When the school year finished, Fr. Valdez insisted that he attend St. Mary’s College for his Higher Certificate studies so that his spiritual guidance could be accelerated.

He completed his Novitiate at the University of Montreal, Canada and returned to St. Mary’s College to do his “prefecting” as a teacher. He taught 30 classes a week for three years and was then posted to the Holy Ghost Theological College, Dublin, Ireland, where he was eventually ordained on July 12, 1959. He was posted to Nigeria and has remained there ever since, expect for a brief period at the Holy Ghost College in Radlett, England.

He is the founder and Master General of the Via Christi Society, a Public Association aspiring to become a Society of Apostolic Life of Diocesan Right. Its objective is to form young men into priests. The first group completed Postulancy in 1995. To date, the Society has produced over 20 priests, some of whom have been posted in the Caribbean, primarily St. Lucia.

He had held the position of Principal of Mt. St. Gabriel’s Secondary School, Makurdi, Nigeria from 1971 to 2014 ,and was conferred with the national award of Member of the Order of the Federal Republic (M.F.R.) by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2005.
It is said that he is a master of non-verbal communication and no one who has met him has remained the same.

Some of the school's old students who past under his tutelage include;
Iyorchia Ayu, Former Senate President.

Mike Kaase Aondoakaa,SAN Former Justice Minister and AGF,Nigeria.

Innocent "2face"Idibia, Foremost Nigerian musician.

Bishop William Avenya,Catholic bishop of Gboko.


Bishop Peter Adoboh,Catholic bishop of Katsina-Ala.

Terhemen Tarzoor and Terseer Tsumba,both former speakers of Benue State House of Assembly.

Mark Gbillah, Member House of Reps

Terfa Ityav, Former Member, House of Reps.

Prof Anthony Ijohor, SSG, Benue State

Late Senator Emmanuel Okpede,Former Senator and deputy governor of Nassarawa.

Former House of Reps Acting Speaker Terngu Tsegba

Others include Hon Herman Hembe, Former Member of House of Reps.
Hon.David Idoko,Former Member, house of reps
Legal Luminaries such as Damian Dodo SAN,Prof.Tony Ijoho SAN.
Justice J.Ikegh of Federal Court of Appeal.

Many others, Past Commisioners, Prominent industrialists,
Community Leaders, Catholic Priests and Journalists such as my humble self Mr.Daniel Uza.

Reverend Father Angus Fraser died on Sunday Evening of 7th October, 2018 by 7:30pm after a brief illness at Princess Royal Hospital, Farnborough near Orpington, United Kingdom where he went for treatment.
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